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Coniston, NSW, 2016

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Justin, North Beach, Wollongong, December 25th 2015. Justin got an electric long skateboard imported for Christmas.


Coniston, NSW 2016


‘Smella Catshine’, artist and cosplayer, with her partner Charlie, Newtown train station, Sydney 2015.

I’ve finished, for now, a series on Australian cosplayers – an edit is on my website under the title ‘Avatar’. I’ll gradually continue with portraits of cosplayers (in costume, in their own environments), as time goes on. Good Weekend magazine in Sydney and Melbourne published an edit of the series.. if you are a cosplayer, especially someone whose creations are an important part of your life, and might like to be photographed, please get in touch!

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Frank Tiziano at home in Fairy Meadow, New South Wales. Frank is dressed as Luke Skywalker.

Berkeley, January 2015.

I’m still photographing around my local area with colour (and very occasionally black and white) film, mainly portraits, as a slow continuation of the ‘Wollongong Now’ project.

As some people know I’m also working on a new project involving Australian cosplayers.  I’ve posted a few works in progress and outtakes but want to finish the series before I release the images online.  This is why there has been little activity on this blog in recent months.  I’ll be finishing the series (working title Avatar) in the second half of 2015 and also writing an article which with any luck you will be able to read in print form as well as on the web..

Berkeley, January 2015. Teenagers cool down while their parents pack the car after a picnic. The day was very hot and there had just been a downpour of rain.

Ashleigh waiting for the bus outside Westfield Warrawong, January 2015

Teresa and Tarhnay, 2014. Teresa is finishing rehabilitation and out of prison. A while ago I made some recordings with the family that I want to transcribe for a section of a photobook.

One part I just listened to again —

Tarhnay: “I want to be a rapper!”

Teresa: “You can be anything you want to be my baby, anything you want to be. We’ll support you in everything you do. That’s all you need is your family there, your support – if you’ve got that mate, I believe you can do anything…”

Maria’s new place in Redfern, 2014.