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Wollongong, October 2013

This young woman was walking along one of the main roads of Wollongong’s central district with a group of friends. I did my usual, asking if anyone would like to be photographed. The street was very busy, crowds of people around the bus stop, cinema and Indian takeaway but somehow she wasn’t distracted by all this – or by her friends, who were doing their best to make her crack up… of course she is on the verge of almost tearful laughter in some of the pictures.

Berkeley, September 2013

Wollongong, September 2013. A man, I think his name is John, performing in the street. He was busking near a bus stop. After a while he moved to opposite the cinema and a man crossed the road to put a $20 note in his hat. This was more generous than what I had paid for the entertainment (he was breakdancing to hip hop amplified via his smartphone). When he saw the note he called his girlfriend over, then looked skyward and mouthed ‘thank you’.

Warrawong, August 2013

Wollongong, September 2013. These two guys were watching the street performer earlier (you can see them in the picture). I have photographed the young man on the left before (a few times actually, without taking a picture I liked). The chap on the right was worried about appearing in a newspaper. I told him I was taking these pictures in the hope of exhibiting them some time. “I want my picture taken,” he said.


Samantha, Wollongong

Warrawong, September 2013

This couple was out shopping for pet fish.

Warrawong September 2013