Prayer during Eid celebrations, North Beach, Wollongong. I was wandering near the beach on one of the last days of 2013 when I saw a large group of people, food stalls and amusement park rides – it turned out that local Eid al-Adha celebrations were happening after being cancelled on earlier dates because of bad weather. I was allowed (and generously encouraged) to photograph the males as they prayed in the direction of Mecca; I was told not to photograph the women.

Tomorrow morning I’m heading off to Peru and Ecuador for a few weeks. While I’m away I want to write a little about what to photograph (in my case) and why: cliché, self censorship, portraiture, intervention, many other things.. I will share if it turns out to be vaguely interesting!

These scans are pretty rough and not worked on at all.. right now it’s better that way!  Hope all are well.