2004 Inquest

TJ2013 006

The ninth anniversary of TJ Hickey’s death in Waterloo in 2004.

Two of TJ Hickey’s sisters (Cynthia, left, and Rebecca, on the right), march with other family members, friends and supporters towards NSW Parliament House to hand over a petition demanding a fresh inquest into TJ’s death.

TJ was killed nine years ago on February 14th below the Turanga tower in Waterloo. The Coroner cleared police of any wrongdoing and found that a paddy wagon was ‘following’ him rather than ‘pursuing’ him when he lost control of his bike and was impaled on a metal fence. Two police vehicles were nearby. What especially frustrated family, friends and the wider community was that there were changes to the statements of police and that one officer refused to give evidence crucial to the case on the grounds that he might incriminate himself. TJ’s death caused a reaction in the community that’s been labelled the ‘Redfern Riots’.

This is how ABC radio’s PM reported the Coroner’s findings at the inquest in 2004: