Two year old Hunter with his mother Rocky.

They lived in a block on Walker Street, Redfern, which was to be demolished in the new year of 2008, along with many other blocks on the street (see also the picture below). Rocky was extremely worried about where they would live: she had only been offered a flat in a building she thought much too dangerous for young Hunter. I had met Rocky a few years earlier while working on another project and knew that she had been through great challenges but had managed to provide a safe home for her first child.

I’ve been scanning some older and also some more recent pictures made in the Redfern / Waterloo public housing areas and will be sharing some here as I continue the project.. memories have been stirred while flipping through (and scrutinizing) stacks of proof sheets. Also stay tuned for some new colour portaits..

Please note that some of the people in the images below may have passed away.  Regards to all.